Toledo South – 7 minutes in Heaven

Created by: Mama Moose

Length: 45 minutes

EMOM workout

Pax complete 10 reps of each exercise at the top of the minute, what ever time is left over is their time to catch their breath.
-Repeat same 3 exercises at the top of the minute mark, 7 times (=7 mins)
-Give the pax 1 min of rest in between rounds while you explain the next one… tip, if pax are not finishing, offer them to try 2 less reps at the next min. OR, if they are, on the last round encourage them to step it up and push for 2 extra reps of each exercise on round 7!

Warm up: Cherry Pickers, around the world squats, in & out quick feet

10 reps of ea exercise 1=1, at the top of the minute. 7 mins per round
#1 –
10 Suicides (between pkg lot spaces, or just beyond edges of mat), 10 Hillbillies, 10 Cross Jabs
Smurf jacks, plank hip dips, X ankle taps (in down dog)
Weighted row boat (in reclined sit up position), leg lift w/ weighted chest fly, Bear Crawl mtn climbers
Skaters w/ weights,
Single leg lunge hold + reverse fly arms-for the count (alt lunging leg ea round),
Glute Bridge HOLD with lat pull down w/weights as count.
Hold curtsey lunge + curls w/weights – use for count (opp leg ea round),
Full Moon (weights in hands, palms facing out, squat down and lower weights infront of knees. As you stand up raise weights out to the sides (making a circle) until standing tall with weights overhead. Lower into squat tracing same outer circle shape),