Cleveland – S P R E T C H

Created by: Mangia

Length: 45 minutes

NEED: Space to do Equal amount of stretching and sprinting or running.

The Q alternates between stretching and running until approximately one mile or more is complete and 25-35 minutes of stretching takes place.

Q leads a stretch series with yoga-like postures and breathing for 8-10 minutes.
PAX completes a short series of sprints and moseys around the track, or up and down a hill, up and down bleachers, or around a designated area.
Returns to their mats for another 8-10 minutes of intentional guided stretching, led by the Q.

Everyone repeats until the end of 45 minutes. The workout ends with stretching.

This workout is great for all fitness levels and can often be co-Q’d – someone to Q the stretch;