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FiA Nation Board

The FiA momentum is so great that it operates with no "leader" in the traditional sense. FiA is led by women who show up and contribute to its success and growth – as well as their own.
Region: FiA Hampton Roads

Zin, Communications

Zin is responsible for FiA Brand Management and ensuring all regions uphold the FiA Mission. She manages the FiA Nation website including adding regions to the website, managing your regional FiA Nation landing page, and responding to website inquiries. She also manages the FiA Nation social media platforms (IG & Slack). Reach out to Zin if you want to be added to FiA Nation Slack!

Origin of FiA Name: I am a bit of a wine connoisseur. I have visited over 350 wineries in my life, and I will never turn down a good red wine such as Cabernet or Zinfandel!

My favorite thing about FiA: I love witnessing the transformation of my FiA sisters as they strengthen themselves every day in all aspects of their lives, often conquering new challenges they never thought that they could do. Watching the happiness and joy that FiA brings to my FiA sisters warms my heart. #StrongerTogether #BetterTogether

Favorite exercise or routine: The Kraken!

What you’re known for in your region: A good hard beatdown filled with tons of ‘compliments’ from the PAX

Region: FiA Hampton Roads

Papyrus, RL Connect

Papyrus acts as a Regional Leader liaison. She works to build relationships among the Regional Leaders, to share best practices and help regional leaders where need-be. She has occasional check in's to see how things are going and is the point person when transferring Regional Leader duties.

Origin of FiA Name: I majored in Paper Science and Engineering in college, and I work at a paper mill. I love paper!

My favorite thing about FiA: I love and cherish the community built within the region. I tried the gym in the past, but the community aspect wasn’t there. FiAs encourage each other to push a little harder and better themselves in all aspects of life.

Favorite exercise or routine: Raggedy Ann’s and V-Ups

What you’re known for in your region: Consistency – Prior to having kids and while I was an RL, I was at every work out as long as I was in town. If I am out of town, I will find a local FiA PAX to work out with as well. Now, I have my designated days, and I rarely miss those days.

Wonder Woman
Region: FiA Cherokee, GA

Wonder Woman, Expansion

Wonder Woman is your go-to person if you have someone you know that wants to expand to a new area that is beyond the reasonable reach of an existing region. Wonder Woman and the Expansion Team will be there every step of the way to get your new region established and launched.

Origin of FiA Name: Wonder Woman is a protector. Her strength & speed make her a good fighter. She fights for others. I believe in FiA & what we do for ladies everywhere. I live strong for my PAX & those I care for.

My favorite thing about FiA: My amazing PAX. I support them, I am involved in all activities, & I love to work out at all our AO’s.

Favorite exercise or routine: Bicycles & Kangaroos are my favorite exercises. Tabatas are my routine of choice. I am not a fan of counting.

What you’re known for in your region: I was the first RL of my region. I helped bring FiA to Georgia by launching the first 4 regions including my own. I am happy, voicetrices, and always your biggest cheerleader.

Region: FiA Columbus

BabyLot, Gear

BabyLot is your go-to for gear. She will contact you about putting together and approving your regional logo, ordering FiA shirts, and sharing ideas on other FiA gear that could be great for the entire nation. Remember, the logo can only be reproduced with approval from FiA Gear and all gear proceeds go to fund more expansion!

Origin of FiA Name: I have 3 daughters. My second daughter was nearly born in the parking lot of the hospital (16 minutes after my water broke at home!), hence my FiA Name. 🙂 Hiking and outdoors are my absolute passions and our goal as a family is to go to all the National Parks.

My favorite thing about FiA: FiA has given me a community of women that I did not realize I needed. These women have helped shape a better me, through building my confidence, growing my leadership skills, and deepening my faith. I am forever grateful for FiA!

Favorite exercise or routine: Century Club

What you’re known for in your region: Showing up last minute! Mama duties almost always come before FiA. On a serious note, I am the one who brought back The Shoutout during Circle of Trust.

Region: FiA Metro

Pepsi, Treasurer

Pepsi makes sure that gear income is accounted for so that there is money to take FiA to new regions. Pepsi is the go-to for reimbursements when Q's help to launch a new region.

Origin of FiA Name: My name is Pepsi because I used to work for Coke. Now I work for Krispy Kreme and keep getting jokes that we need to change my name to Dunkin.

My Favorite thing about FiA: The Friendships!

Favorite exercise or routine: The old days when Jerribou was a ring run.

What you're known for in your region: Ask me to run a race with ridiculous mileage and I will always say yes.

Jedi Mama
Region: FiA Kansas City

Jedi Mama, At-Large

Jedi Mama is referred to as our FOG (Friendly OG). She is an advisor to the Board, responds to website inquiries, and supports the other Board Roles where needed. Reach out to Jedi if you aren't sure who can answer your question and she will point you in the right direction.

Origin of FiA Name: I got my name because it used to be my license plate in NC. 
When I pulled up at my first FiA workout, I was told it was my name before I even made 
it to the COT. I was cheated out of a name!

My favorite thing about FiA: FiA has changed my life twice. I found FiA after my 3rd child. Being a mom of 3 kids under 4, I had lost my way. FiA and the new friends I met in Metro empowered me to get back on track. 2 years ago, I found myself moving halfway across the country to a city where I knew not one person. I started FiA KC 6 months after my move and now these ladies are my people! I love that expansion has brought FiA to all my favorite places, so that no matter where I am there is always an AO to hit up!

Favorite exercise or routine: I’m known in my region for stepping it out on the curb. I love a good hard beat down where people complain a lot. It’s music to my ears. When I’m not at FiA, I enjoy heavy lifting and trail running with my favorites.

What you’re known for in your region: My loud mouth and loud music. I provide comic relief a lot of times as a distraction.