Greensboro – HIIT me with your best shot

Created by: Cheddar

Length: 45 minutes

Mosey vs. Jog in place 2 minutes.
10 IC Butt kickers/Cherry pickers/Sun Gods (forward and backward)

Tabata style 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Each round x2, then rest 1 minute before next round

Round 1
Jumping jacks
Inchworm with jump at top
High knees

Round 2
Frog hops (half burpee)
Lunge knee drive (one leg, switch second round)
Popcorn squats (mini jump squat)

Round 3
Pushup mountain climbers (1-2-3-4, pushup)
Plank jack
Plank side jump R🡪L
Rainbow plank

Round 4
Squat Jack
Monkey Humpers
Chair pose
Plyo lunge (jump lunge)

Round 5
High knees
Pushup mountain climbers
Plyo lunges

HIIT Core Workout: 1 minute per move
Double Crunch
Around the World Deadbug
Plank to Pike
Around the World Extended Plank
High Plank Knee Taps
Alternating V Sit-Up