Hampton Roads – Dora Jump around the World

Created by: Peony

Length: 45 minutes

Equipment need: Jump rope (if you have one)

Warm up-5 Inchworms, 10 Cherry Pickers in cadence.

Jump rope Dora.
Dora-1 Pax jumps rope across parking lot and back (or whatever space you would like to use, example: around a median) while 1 Pax starts on completing the number of reps of the following exercises, then Pax rotate until all reps are complete (these reps can be switched with other exercises):
250-Jumping Jacks
200-Raggedy Ann’s
150-Bicycle Crunches
100-Glute Bridges

Around the World (see Lexicon) with 2 sets of 10 squats added.
10-Right leg forward lunges
10-Right leg side lunges
10-Reverse left leg lunges
10-Left leg side lunges
10-Left leg forward lunges

Rt. 66 (see Lexicon)
Start with 1 rep then add one additional rep at an interval until you hit 11.
Bi-cep Curls
Shoulder Press
Upright Rows