FiA Nation – Lexirades

Created by: FiA Nation

Length: 45 minutes

8 motivators
10 micheal Phelps

Lexirades is playing charades with FiA Exercises.
– Break into 2, 3 or 4 teams based on number of PAX (max 4 people per team) teams compete against each other to see who can pull all their exercises out of the cup and do the reps first.

– There are 21 exercises each cup. (Q must prepare these before – these can be changed in your region for different choices)
-Each team will do 25 reps of each exercise in the cup, for those exercises that apply, count should be (1,1)
-Example of Exercises for the cup: Burpee, Dolly, Boat Canoe, drops, Boy Band, Carolina dry dock, windshield wiper, zebra, American Pie sit up, skater, ankle biter, fold the taco, prisoner squat, imperial walker, IYW Superman, monkey humper, star Jump, hillbillies, sparky crab, cherry picker, LBC

-Cups are placed 50 yards away from starting line where teams are stationed.
-When the game begins, one member from each team runs down to the cups and will pull one piece of paper out (the exercise), they run back to their team.
– There are no descriptions – just the FiA name for the exercise. When you come back to your team, start doing the exercise. If you do not know the FiA exercise and need help from your team – the team must add 10 reps! Making the total reps 35.
– Team members can do the reps at their own pace, but before the next team member can run to the cup, the whole team must do 5 jumping jacks together.
– While the runner is getting the exercise – remaining PAX continue Jumping Jacks until the runner returns.
– Modify as Needed !
– After all exercises have been pulled from the cup and reps complete. The team must finish by completing 20 jumping jacks together.
-Fastest Team wins!

This is a FiA Olympics event! It’s a lot of fun!