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FiA is Females In Action | April 30, 2017

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Charlotte Metro Schedule

Workout TitleLocationDay of WeekStartEndWorkout StyleSite Q **
FoxtrotStarbucks in Morrocroft Village (6701 Morrison Blvd)a_Sunday6:30a8:00Run - 3, 4 & 6 miles
(All Paces & Beginner Friendly)
Jedi Mama
Peace Train (Black Diamond)Freedom Park (gravel lot across from East Blvd. entrance)b_Monday5:15a6:00Black Diamond Bootcamp Paddles
Lion's DenLansdowne Elementaryb_Monday5:15a6:00BootcampSir Mixalot
Cougar TownEndhaven Elementaryb_Monday5:15 a6:00BootcampDumpster Diva
Diva RunGold Man Lot (1501 Queens Rd.)c_Tuesday5:10a6:00Run - 4 & 5 miles
(All Paces)
Rebel RunDean & Deluca at Stonecrest at Piper Glen (7804 Rea Rd)c_Tuesday5:15a6:00Run - 3, 4 & 5 miles
(All Paces)
Air Raid!AG Middlec_Tuesday5:15a6:00BootcampMountain Mama
C-RockCotswold Elementary
JerribouFoxcroft Shopping Center (7802 Fairview Rd.)d_Wednesday5:10a6:00Run - 4 & 5 miles
(All Paces)
Steel MagnoliasMetropolitan (1300 Baxter St.)d_Wednesday5:15a6:00Weighted or equipment-focused BootcampTequila Sunrise
Eagles NestMcAlpine Elementaryd_Wednesday5:15a6:00BootcampDiego
ThelmaAG Middlee_Thursday5:15a6:00TrackPocahontas
LouiseAG Middlee_Thursday5:15a6:00BootcampSangria
Iron Maiden (Black Diamond)Metropolitan (1300 Baxter St.)f_Friday5:15a6:00Black Diamond Bootcamp Xena Warrior Princess
BatcaveSt. Gabriel Catholic Churchf_Friday5:15a6:00Weighted Bootcamp
(Bring a Kettlebell or Heavy Weight)
Blakeney BurnBrixx at Blakeney (9820 Rea Rd.)f_Friday5:15a6:00BootcampPulse
Bus StopSt. Gabriel Catholic Churchf_Friday6:00a6:45BootcampElsa
Which Way McManawayGold Man Lot (1501 Queens Rd.)g_Saturday6:30a8:00Run - 5 & 7+ miles
(All Paces)
No Name Sapphire
Billy JoelFirst Ward Park (301 E. 7th St.)g_Saturday7:00a8:00BootcampBootylicious
Hwy 51Matthews Elementaryg_Saturday8:15a9:15BootcampSmurfette


* Indicates soft launch – investigating demand for this time / location.

** The Q’s designated above are the FiAs responsible for organizing weekly Workout Leaders.¬† Workout Leaders change from week to week – keeping the workouts fresh and offering lots of leadership opportunities for FiAs.

Black Diamond Bootcamp: ¬†These workouts essentially “kick it up a notch” and are designed to be higher intensity than normal bootcamps and may include more running/traveling. Please plan accordingly when deciding to post or bring an FNG.