Layers were pulled off!
January 3, 2018
Me and You and You and Me
January 3, 2018


  • When: 12/30/2017
  • Q: Hermione
  • Pax: Queen Bee, Hermione, Turkey Trot, Quick Start, Admiral Sunshine (FNG), Triple Crown (FNG)

It was the last workout of the year, and this girl wanted to Make. It. Count.  And boy did we count!  After gathering at the playground, we headed to the turf soccer field to get down to business.  Only problem, the gate was locked, so we had to improvise a bit.  I will definitely say that scaling fences was not part of the workout, but it was an interesting warmup.  Once we were all safely on the other side, it was time for the counting to commence…

The Thang

Four Corners using the whole soccer field

Corner One – 12 burpees

Run to corner two

Corner Two – 50 shoulder presses

Run to corner three

Corner Three – 50 LBCs

Run to corner four

Corner Four – 50 curtsy lunges

Repeat 4 times

Let me help you out there…that is 200 of each exercise and 48 burpees!  That’s a lot!  And to add a little extra, I would randomly yell out “PLANK”, and we would stop wherever we were and plank for 50 seconds.  Turkey Trot was leading the pack with ease and Queen Bee wasn’t far behind.  At the completion of four rounds, we ran as fast as we could back to the ab corner, dropped and did one more 50 second plank, then completed two burpees as a group to round out our burpee total to FIFTY!  Now thats a way to end the year!  We relaxed with a little yoga doing a sun salutation (with Quick Start’s helpful direction) and some pigeon, runners lunges, etc.

It was a great note to end the year on, and with two FNGs no less!  The FNGs were Queen Bee’s sister-in-law and niece, and we loved having them and hope they continue to join us each time they are in town 🙂




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