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May 23, 2018
Rotation Station
May 23, 2018

Your Cruise Ship is Departing

  • When: 05/23/2018
  • Q: CWR
  • Pax: Rally Cat, Steel, Peloton, Streaker, Flying Pig, Lighthouse, Elle Woods, Summit, Cabbie, Cow Bell

Good grief it was humid this morning! 10 sweaty FiAs joined me for a cruise to Harris St. Park. Here’s what went down on the high seas.

Ran to Harris St. Park
30s low
30s high
The following sequence x2.
High knees
Sit Ups
Push ups
Tricep Dips
Flying Pig Star Jumps
Side Plank
Mnt Climbers

The cruise ship horn alerted us when it was time to switch exercises. You could really smell the salty ocean and margaritas.

We finished it out with some suicide drills and a crab walk (we were at port) on the bb court.
Finally we visited the gazebo, another lovely port, for some ups and downs on the benches.

Ran back to WEP via Camelback.
Abs at WEP.

It really was the perfect cruise 🙂 Thanks for joining me. A special thanks to Rally Cat and Flying Pig who stopped with me when I felt a little “sea sick” on the way back. Prayers for Cupcake and her family. Also prayers to all of our educators and parents as we wrap up the school year.


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