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March 13, 2019
Pi Eve
March 13, 2019

You get a coffee… You get a coffee… we all get coffees!

  • When: 03/13/2019
  • Q: Model T
  • Pax: Squints, FNG Kaitlin, BB, Pixel, Recess, Derby Girl, Triangle, Model T

Seven amazing ladies joined me a Legacy this morning for an epic challenge! We were excited to welcome FNG Kaitlin (As Ease) to the group.

Wasting no time, we headed straight over to the small parking lot to power through THE NINETY-NINES. I threw out a carrot that I would buy coffee for anyone that finished. This group KILLED it and got through all 9 rounds! Looks like I am on the hook for 7 coffees real soon! Be sure to look at the totals at the end… I’m am super impressed with everyone!!

No warm up… thought the first exercise would be warmup enough… and I was right. That 44 degrees felt balmy quite fast!

The Thang

99 jumping jacks
99 crunches
99 dips
99 sec wall sit
9 pushups

88 jumping jacks
88 crunches
88 dips
88 sec wall sit
8 pushups

77 jumping jacks
77 crunches
77 dips
77 sec wall sit
7 pushups







In case you were curious, this totaled to:

495 Jumping jacks
495 Crunches
495 Dips
495 seconds of wall sits
and 45 pushups!

Prayers & Praises

Squints – coworker who is having a breast biopsy
FNG Kaitlin – interviewing today for a new job!
Pixel – that homes be found for French exchange students coming to GVL this summer (if you’re interested in hosting, talk to Pixel)
Recess – friend who’s lymph nodes were not clear



  1. Stellar says:

    Hi there, did you have everyone time their own wall sit or did you take group breaks in between?

    • Model T says:

      Everyone was on their own for timing their wall sits but we kind of settled into a few groups. Some used watches to monitor time, or a neighbor, or just counted in their heads. I wish I had a big digital clock. The workout took nearly the full 45 minutes without regrouping.

  2. Stellar says:

    Thanks! We’re gonna do this one tomorrow!

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