Get Up and Cardio
July 12, 2018
With or without U – U2
July 12, 2018

Yeah, we can do heartbreak hill!

  • When: 07/12/2018
  • Q: Zombie Bride
  • Pax: Coco and Gumby

Tonight it was a small group, only Coco, my son and myself, but that did not mean we slacked off. We decided to go up heartbreak hill tonight .

Warm up: 15 JJ, 10 toy soldiers, slow butt kickers and slow high knees

The Thang: 1.5 mile light jog . We had an average pace of 12:00 mm with a 117 foot elevation gain .That is 1 big hill!!

Yoga: tonight we did sun salutations and a warrior flow

Name O Rama

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