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July 18, 2017
Retail Therapy Backblast: Fearless 20 ;)
July 18, 2017

Would You Rather….?

  • When: 07/17/2017
  • Q: Salt
  • Pax: Lonestar, Beehive, Jazzy, Coach, Bulldog, Kpoe, Bubbles, Toggle, Chicklet, Ink, Sunrise, Pele and FNG Sarah "Mayweather"

Lately our group has welcomed many new ladies so I wanted to use this Monday to get to know them. So we broke off into 4 groups and were placed at each corner of the parking lot with a bag of Would you Rather Questions, some crazy, some nasty, some normal ones.
Each lady will pick a question…depending on their answer A or B the small group would perform that certain exercise for 45 seconds. Each would get to draw 2 questions then we would switch to the other corner with new questions.
Question samples: •Would you rather have the ability to (A)fly or the (B) ability to read people’s mind? Back of paper were: A. Burpees B. Inch worms

Would you rather have your flight delayed by 8 hours or lose your luggage?
Would you rather be the worst player on the best team or the best player on the worst team?
Would you rather never be able to eat hot food again or never take a hot shower again?
Would you rather be ignorant and happy or be knowledgeable and never fully content?
Would you rather never play or play but always lose?
Would you rather hang with a few friends or go to big party?
Would you rather be 10 minutes late or be 20 minutes early for everything?

These are just a few. I believe we had 30 questions total. Remember each workout was completed for 45 seconds then rest time was while next question was answered.
The workouts were a little bit of this and that….squat jumps, push ups, wide and narrow push ups, Jumping Jacks, Jump Ropes, 6 inches hold, Burpees, Bicycle Crunches, LBC, Planks, Tricep Dips. High Knees, Lunges, Mtn Climbers, Russian Twist Inch worms, Leg Lifts, calf raises, Plank Jacks

Over all I believe everyone enjoyed themselves. And I am sure we all learned a little something more about each other!
Thanks to the ladies for listening to my tears during our prayer request. Just keep this little boy in your prayers!

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