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March 16, 2018
Bring Out Your Inner Spartan
March 16, 2018

Windy Weights and the Forgotten Set

  • When: 03/16/2018
  • Q: TLC
  • Pax: Felix, Excel 0.0, Pixel, One More, TLC

Well, our mats would have blown away if our weights weren’t holding them down.  Thankful for the warmer temperature, but the wind was cutting!

And ladies, you owe me another set:). I knew I was forgetting something…what can I say-it was windy and dark! So add in a set of tricep extensions alternating with weighted jumping jacks before you grab your shower!


jog down to circle and back

20 toy soldiers, 10 windmills, Michael Phelps


We did 7 sets of exercises.

30 seconds of each exercise, 3x through the set, then move on to next set.  We rested/prepped for next exercise 10 seconds between each.

Set 1

jump squats

alternating weighted side lunges

Set 2

kettle bell swings

curl and press

Set 3


Renegade row

Set 4

mountain climbers


Set 5

jumping lunges

dead lift

Set 6 (the one I forgot)

jumping jacks with light weights

tricep extensions

Set 7


bent over reverse fly

Set 8

v-ups with dumbell

wood choppers (1 x each direction), then oblique twist with weight for 3rd time


We had a few minutes because of that missing set that I didn’t realize until my drive home;)

So we went around the circle and chose ab exercises, each one performed for 30 seconds, all weighted except last one.


russian twists

figure 8 weight pass through

leg lifts


I enjoyed our morning together!  Thanks for pushing me.

Prayers-Triple Falls’ Dad’s recovery, Regroup and husband, FiA friends who have been sick etc and out for awhile-come back!



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