Foxtrot PB: Routes for Ruckers and Runners
June 2, 2018
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June 2, 2018

Who Knew 20 seconds Would Be So Good

  • When: 05/23/2018
  • Q: Queso
  • Pax: Hermione, Titanium, Sonic Boom...? (late post so sorry if I forgot someone!)

This is a VERY late BB, so pardon the brevity…..if details don’t get written down with a quickness, they are forgotten amidst…well, life….

I remember we were in the pavilion because it had been rainy and there was a 15% chance of rain that morning with a higher percentage later in the day….everything else is a blur…..but I do know we finished this one and the sumo squats made me sore the next day…..

Anyway, here’s what we did:

-frankensteins with twist
-arm circles
-trunk twist
-cotton pickers

TABATA: 20sec/10sec x 4
-speed skaters
-push ups

-squat jumps

-jumping jacks
-tricep extensions

-donkey kicks – R
-donkey kicks – L


-monkey humpers
-walking plank

-russian twists

-knee up skip – R
-knee up skip – L

-plank jacks

-flutter kicks
-sumo squat pulses

Aaaaaand we’re done!

COT was the story of the 4 seeds in Matthew 13:3-23 – point being be aware of what type of seed you’re being and whether or not you are actually utilizing & practicing what you know to be true & right

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