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July 31, 2017
School House Rocks Fun & Games Backblast
July 31, 2017

Who doesn’t love sand and music?

  • When: 07/31/2017
  • Q: Vino
  • Pax: Vino, Passport, Chuckles, Java Mama, Flash, Giddy-up, Grape Juice, Roadie, San Diego, Fixer Upper, CSI, Hot Nana, House Guest, Runway, Premium, Hot Tamale, Trace, Loose Caboose, Beaker, Sandra - Creative Cruncher, Michelle Miller -Willie, Diamond, Galapagos, Bookworm, Chicken Leg, Loggerhead, Pura Vida, Glamo,

We ladies were sure spoiled this morning at The Grind with the lovely fall preview this morning! I felt like we should have been picking apples or drinking pumpkin spice lattes while chatting in our leggings and boots. Instead though, we worked out so we would like dang good in our leggings this fall! Sandbags were introduced to the Grind today in the form of two stations. I kept two other stations non sandbags. I’m not sure if it was the weather or a coincidental case of insomnia but we had two new FNGs thanks to Facebook post and friends 🙂 Welcome to the crazy fun Creative Cruncher and Willie (thanks for the EH Loggerhead). Well, we jumped right in with the below warm up…

Warm Up
10 count in cadence
-Push ups
-Calf Raises
-Imperial Walkers
-Lt. Dans
Then we did a one minute plank

Time for the Thang
We counted off by fours, split into our group for a round of four corners/stations. Each station had 4 exercises. Each group would do one and then move on. When all pax completed the exercise listed at the station they would travel to center and do 5 jumping jacks then move on to next. If they had to wait on a group they would jog in place, squat or do curb jumps.

Station 1/15 reps
1. burpee with sandbag
2. bag on arms for reverse crunches
3. bent row with sandbag
4. overhead press

Station 2/20 reps
1. lateral drag underneath
2. bear hug squat with bag
3. hip bridges with bag on stomach
4. bag on shoulders walking lunges

Station 3/25 reps
1. mountain climbers
2. donkey kicks (both sides =1)
3. tricep dips
4. crunches

Station 4/30 reps
1. raggedy anns
2. side kicks (15ea leg)
3. squats
4. supermans (3 second hold)

Now of course we listened to music the whole time but we circled up to “Bang dem sticks” Meghan Trainor style with 30 sec of each of the below exercises before we ended this session
-skater hops
-monkey humpers
-front kicks
-squat kicks
-plank jacks
-jab crosses

God in Heaven, I know that you are for me and so I come humbly and boldly before you now. Break through, O God,, in my life today! Move the mountains that stand in the way of my promised land. Take away that fear that keeps me stuck and trips me up. Motivate me to do the next thing you have for me so I can take the land by faith. Fill me with a renewed sense of your great love and promise of provision. And Lord, awaken me to the needs around me that you have assigned me to meet. Help me to make you visible to a world that so needs to see you. So glad we are in this together. I love you, Lord! Amen (Susie Larson)
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