Arms, abs, legs, oh my!!!!
May 19, 2018
Bands Burnout
May 19, 2018

Welcome Week AMRAPs

  • When: 05/17/2018
  • Q: Papyrus
  • Pax: Stitch, Rocker-respect!, Zin

Wednesday started off being a little slow with Stitch and myself. Then Rocker and Zin pulled up as we were taking a warm up lap and were able to join in on the fun. Here’s how it went down:


5 min AMRAPs with a lap in between.

-15 donkey kicks each leg
-15 push-ups
-15 superwoman’s
-15 spider mans

-15 sumo squats
-15 high knees
-15 jump squats
-15 calf raises

-15 crunches
-15 bicycles
-15 tricep dips
-15 glue bridge raises

-15 Carolina dry docks
-15 fire hydrants each side
-15 mountain climbers
-15 plank jacks

PAX choice abs to finish the last few minutes.


COT: James 1:19-25. It’s not enough to hear the Word and say we are Christians. We must act like we are Christians and do what the Word says.

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