New Time, New You!
June 8, 2016
June 8, 2016

Wednesday Workout

  • When: 06/08/2016
  • Q: Chomps
  • Pax: Glamom, Scrabble Queen

Three PAX came together to greet the day with a Wednesday Workout.

Warm up:

Body twist  15 IC      March in place  15 IC   Arm Circle of Pain

I lap around the Jungle Gym.

Workout – exercise 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds     Do each set 2X

First Set:

Pushups, Superman raises, Plank Jacks, Triceps – dips or extensions with weights, Hammer curl while in a feet together squat, shoulder raises, Overhead press

I lap around the Jungle Gym

Second Set:

Glute Bridge, Static Lunge, Static Curtsy Lunge, Low Sumo Squat, Explosive Squat

On the repeat, do static lunge and curtsy lunge with other leg forward.  changed the explosive squat to a standard squat bringing toes in and out.

i lap around the Jungle Gym

Abs:  40 crunches, 40 side heel touches, 10 alternating weight raises.

Ended with a prayer for the day.


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