5 Stations, 4 Rounds and No counting
March 7, 2018
Arms and Abs Baby!
March 7, 2018

We Show Up For Each Other

  • When: 03/04/2018
  • Q: Thunderstruck
  • Pax: Noah, Monarch, The Cheese, Broadway, Shania, Magnolia,

7 Pax met on a brisk Saturday morning to get #bettertogether.

Warm up: jog in place (while Q talked about the importance of FiA being a community and that we don’t just come to workout for ourselves but we come to encourage, uplift, and support each other.), 20 jumping jacks (IC), 20 cherry pickers (IC), 50 overhead claps, (IC), arm circles front/back.

The Thang:  In keeping with the ‘better together’ theme PAX grabbed a partner and completed the following partner exercises:

Partner 1- Table Top hold/Partner 2- 10 dips using the knees of P1.  Switch.

Partner glute bridges- both lay on back, close together, feet to feet.  Pushing against the other’s feet preform 20 glute bridges.

Partner 1- Sit Ups (or crunches)/Partner 2- mountain climbers holding on to P1 ankles.  20 sit ups & switch.

Partner 1- Start on knees, fall forward toward the ground catching self with hands.  Push back off the ground with hands and use hamstrings and core to pull self back to starting position./Partner 2- plank while holding on to P1 feet. 10 reps/Switch

Pax moved around to the back of the park using various methods of travel:

walking lunges, side shuffle (right/left), skip, crab walk.

At back of the park Pax used some benches to complete an 11’s workout with incline push ups and dips.  Between PU and dip Pax would rundown the path to specified location.

Abs: Dealer’s Choice abs (10 reps each exercise)

Leg lifts, Bird dogs, spell FiA name with legs, American Hammers (IC), ankle taps (IC), crunches, resistance ab work.


Praise report- The Cheese’s aunt is cancer free!!!!

Prayer requests- Broadway’s husband is traveling, Magnolia prayers for a friend, prayers for SP FiA to grow and be a light to the community.

Thunderstruck closed in prayer.

Pax discussed participating as a group in a couple events in 2018.  Options discussed- Run For Holland 5k/10k, Spartan race, Go Ruck event.



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