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May 16, 2018
BB: Peace Train
May 16, 2018

We Fancy Wonderful Wednesday

  • When: 05/16/2018
  • Q: Dublin
  • Pax: Vaccaro, dublin, Carmen, Woodstock, Erica (FNG”), Ace, Peewee, Pinky, Butterfly, Sol, Viper

We are getting quite a group of regulars for our early morning Wednesday workouts!  11 Pax including Ace’s daughter Smiley, an FNG!

Warmups- jack’s, arm circles, toe touches, toy soldiers – 30 seconds each and repeat sequence.

The thang

Run 1/4 mile loop

plank jacks 10

Sumo squats 20

plank leg raises 10

seal jacks 20

burpees 10

speed skaters (not cross country skiers as I was calling them this morning!)

Run 1/4 mile loop and repeat exercise sequence

Run 1/4 mile loop

tricep dips on bench 20

pushups 10

superman raises with squeeze 20 (ouch)

inchworms 10

Run 1/4 mile loop

flutter kicks 30 seconds

20 lbcs

dollys 30 seconds

Then Carmen graciously led us in some much needed stretches.

Circle of trust – no trouble naming Erica since her mom came prepared with a proposal!  Ended with two quote on strength, including “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.”

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