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June 9, 2018
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June 9, 2018

We Fancy Backblast – Channeling Rocky 6/9/2018

  • When: 06/09/2018
  • Q: Malibu
  • Pax: O’Patrick, Natural, Viper, Tafiti, Bradshaw, Rocky (FNG - Jill), Ace, Francis, Sol, Betty (FNG - Julie), Mountain Momma and Malibu

Great workout at the basketball courts at We Fancy this morning, led by Malibu!!  Channeling our inner Rocky….

Warmup- arm circles, windmills, jumping jacks, stretch
Circuit 1&5 (1 minute each) speed bag, standing side knee crunches, shadow boxing, standing side knee crunches
Circuit 2 (1 minute each): squatting side kicks, front kicks, squatting side kicks, back-kicks
Circuit 3 & 6 (30 seconds on and off): full sit-ups
Circuit 4 (1 minute each): plank patty cake, standing side crunches, plank twists, standing side crunches
Cool down: stretch, warrior 1,2,3

After the workout, we circled up and did name-a-rama, and then celebrated Sol’s engagement – congratulations!!  We can’t wait for the aisle of burpees 🙂

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