Genesis Pre-blast!
September 5, 2018
What goes up, must come down
September 5, 2018

  • When: 09/05/2018
  • Q: CrabCakes
  • Pax: Gourmet, Wild Thing (FNG 2.0), Gilligan, Stang, Salty, Motivator, Shotgun, CrabCakes



•Head rolls


•Side stretch

•Knee to chest

•Foot to butt


The Workout:

PAX spread out among the stations starting with one exercise for 35 seconds. When the timer goes of f, PAX will move to the next station. Repeat until all exercise have been done once. Time allowed for 3 total station rounds.

Station 1 (with picnic table):

1: Split Squats (one side)

2: Split Squats (other side)

3: Showgirls

Station 2 (with picnic table):

1: Push-ups

2: Tricep Dips

3: Spider-Man plank side crunch

Station 3 (with picnic table):

1: Split Lunges (one side)

2: Split Lunges (other side)

3: Booty tap squats (squat until your booty touches the bench)

Station 4 (with mat):

1: Bicycle Crunches

2: Inchworms/Burpees

3: Sit-Ups



•Split leg stretch

•Downward dog

•Cobra stretch 

•Child’s pose side stretch 

•Arm across chest stretch

•Tricep stretch



Prayer for the overwhelmed

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