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October 24, 2017
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October 25, 2017

Warming up with Poles

  • When: 10/25/2017
  • Q: Vino
  • Pax: Vino, Shebow, Buttercup, Pura Vida, Passport, Parole, Free Falling, Hot Nana, Flash, Giddy Up, Chicken Leg, Hot Tamale, Premium, Fixer Upper, Spike

Oh, what’s that?! Is that a chill in the air? The car read 40 degrees when I started it. Second time this group has met in sub 50 temp. The winter will be tough on this group of Southerners but we will survive! There was talk however of taking our workouts across the street to Kroger. It really has appeal when you consider that we could squat with melons, do bicep curls with Gain bottles and bear crawl down the chip aisle – then enjoy Starbucks afterwards! Enough day dreaming though. We warmed up fast though thanks to some poles and sweet moves! Below is what we did…

Warm Up

10 IC Richard Simmons
10 IC Jumping Jacks
10 IC Toy Soldiers
10 IC Air Presses
10 IC Seal Claps
10 IC Arm Circles F&B
10 Push ups
10 Sit ups

The Thang

Pyramid Poles
Jog 2 light poles
Do 10
Squat jumps

Jog 2 light poles
Do 20
Plank Jacks
Monkey Humpers
Rebound Lunges (10 each leg)

Jog 2 light poles
Do 30
Sumo squats
30 sec plank
Mountain climbers

Jog 2 light poles
Do 40
Calf raises
  Skater hops
  Raggedy Anns

We took off for the picnic shelter that was next to us at this point to do some 11’s
10 push ups – 1 tricep dip…1 push up – 10 tricep dips
10 squats – 1 step up or box jump…1 squat – 10 step ups or box jumps

We left the shelter and headed back to the poles but we didn’t simply sprint back right away –
Lt. Dan back 1 light pole
Skip back 1 pole
Right side shuffle 1 pole
Left side shuffle 1 pole
Walk backwards 2 poles

We then sprinted back to our light pole for COT

I had a few more things planned but we ran out of time so I’ll just save that for the next time! 😉

Devo today was on deciding to God up instead of give up. We all have those moments when life just beats us down and we don’t think we can take anymore. It’s in those moments that we turn to Christ and His spirit within us. It’s with Him that we can choose to persevere for He will give us strength. However, we have to lean on Him and believe that it can be done. It’s easy to give up ladies, but please don’t. In addition to Christ and His strength, you have a tribe here at The Grind that will love and support you.
I’m so proud of the ladies who showed up this morning and busted it! We missed those who couldn’t be here today. We may have been jealous of you in your warm bed at first but pretty sure these ladies are quite happy to have worked on their fitness this AM.
Closing prayer

Count off and name o rama

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