March 8, 2018
3 round crown
March 8, 2018

Warming up quickly at The Bridge!

  • When: 03/03/2018
  • Q: Aubie
  • Pax: Aubie, Freebyrd, Freestyle, Peak, Spicy

This past Saturday, five brave PAX bared the cold after such warm weather to meet at The Bridge for a beatdown.  We warmed up by doing a plank dance to Cupid Shuffle. For our thang, one FiA would do a movement exercise (most to the end of grass and back) while the other ladies rotated through different exercises throughout that time. The movements we rotated through were: lap around parking lot, 20 step ups, walking lunges, duck walk, plie walk, and frog jumps. The exercises we rotated through were: skull crushers, deadlift shoulder press, plank alternate toe touches, crunch with clap behind knees, Russian twists, donkey butt lifts, tuck jumps, lunge switch jumps, x jump (alternating toe touch), scissors, side crunches, plank jacks, bicycles, squat hopscotch, plank, pushups, squats, flutter kicks, leg lifts, burpees, inchworms, squat jumps. We finished with stretching and a Lenten devotion on Jesus being with us and even if he’s asleep in the boat during a storm, he will protect us. Great job, ladies! #sheisstrong #fiacharleston #fiathebridge #bettertogether


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