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May 17, 2018
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
May 17, 2018

Upper Body at The Sails

  • When: 05/17/2018
  • Q: Pineapple
  • Pax: Tarheel, Copay

I have felt bad the past few Qs at The Sails bc I’m one leg down and can’t do much except abs and arms.  So today i thought I would give the PAX more and I would sit out.  Got a message from Copay that she was going to go for a pr run and to start without her…YOU GO GIRL!

Extended Warm Up-60 Sec of each exercise without stopping.

March In Place, Mountain Climbers, Arm Cross Side Lunges, Big Arm Circles (Switch at 30 sec) F/B, Jump Rope, High Knees, Boxer Punch Squats, Knee Push Ups, and wrist circles.

Upper Body Workout Tabata 30, 60, 45 sec intervals

Balance Chop with weight 30sec, Lying Triceps with weights (double up on weight for a challenge) 60 sec, Dumbbell Skiers 45 sec, Cross Chest Curls 30 sec, Shoulder to Shoulder press 60 sec, Around the Worlds on ground with weight 45 sec, Side lunge Front Raises 45 sec, Dumbbell Squat Swings 60 sec, Rear lunge with weight press 30 sec, Carolina Dry Docks 45 sec.

Rinse and Repeat.  The hope was to get 3 sets in, but we got 2 and then moved on to Abs round.  Holy Cow tricep and shoulder burn out!


Abs Round

15 leg raises with hip lift, 15 straight leg jack knife with weight, 20 raised leg sit up (on planter boxes) with twist, 15 bent jack knife with weight, 15 hip lifts, 20 sit ups (may raise legs on planter box for challenge)


By the end the sweat was rollin…thanks ladies for joining me this am!

As always, it was a pleasure… Pineapple

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