Foxtrot Backblast – Q’ing on a Bike
September 23, 2018
Booty Blaster & Anti Old Lady Arms w/o
September 23, 2018

  • When: 09/21/2018
  • Q: Sandbox
  • Pax: Brony, Recess, Squints, Thank You Ma'am, Felix, BB, Pixel, Regroup

Eight Pax joined me for a Flex Friday – Weighted Workout at Legacy.  Temps were cooler 74 instead of 78 but that didn’t stop us from working up a great sweat.

We started the workout with a warm up Indian Run around the park, down to the pond, and back.

The Thang:

Each exercise 1 min, 5 sec rest between to switch moves; 45 second rest between sets

Up: Squat to lateral leg raise

Down: Pushups

Up: Curtsy lunge with R knee lift

Tricep extension

Up: Curtsy lunge with L knee lift

Bicep curls

Down: Weighted donkey kick (R Leg)


Down: Weighted donkey kick (L Leg)

Deep lunge single arm Row R side

Side Plank Crunch Left

Deep lunge single arm Row L side

Side Plank Crunch Right

Up: Scarecrows

One Legged Toe Touch (standing glute raise) (30 sec each Leg)

Pile Squat Calf Raises


We made it through about 1 and a half sets before we ran out of time (wrapped it up with Weighted Donkey Kicks).

Name o Rama and Circle of Trust

Prayers for Squints Neighbor, a recent widow, who is has a tree that needs to be removed but doesn’t have the funds to do so.  Prayers that God will answer her need in some way and find some peace in the matter.

Afterward, we took this sweaty picture to document our success.

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