Jerribou Preblast
March 5, 2019
Smash Up Shenanigans
March 5, 2019


  • When: 03/05/2019
  • Q: Precious
  • Pax: Gypsy, Haulin, Precious

Warm up

45 Seconds each workout x’s 3
60 second holds
Chair pose
6 inches
Lateral weighted hold
Bridge hold

20 each, 15 each, 10 each, 5 each set of 3 workouts

Right side fire hydrants
Left side fire hydrants

Monkey Humpers
Left side donkey kicks
Right side donkey kicks

Skull crushers
Chest flys
Leg lifts

20 Squat calf raises


It Starts With Me Getting Uncomfortable

Has anyone ever interrupted you in the middle of something really important? Maybe you’ve been watching the newest episode of your favorite TV show, it’s just getting good and then your mom yells for you to go take out the trash. Or you’re walking into the mall and a homeless man stops you to ask for money. It can be extremely frustrating to be inconvenienced by other people and their needs.

In Acts 10, Peter is in the middle of praying and is interrupted by two men who are coming to ask him to travel from Joppa to Caesarea. The Lord tells Peter to go with these men on a 30-mile journey to another city. If you ask me, Peter was extremely interrupted and inconvenienced. Not only was Peter interrupted, but also was asked to travel 30 miles to another city for no reason other than they asked him to. Peter did not show anger. He did not get frustrated with God or the men that approached him. Instead, Peter stood up, pushed his needs to the side and started his way to Caesarea.

At the end of Acts 10, Peter has finally made it to Caesarea. You can imagine that after walking 30 miles, he is tired and exhausted, but Peter continues to share the Gospel with all of the people that are present. Because Peter did what was uncomfortable, many came to know Jesus and start a relationship with him.

Being a Christian isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes being a Christian means pushing everything on your agenda to the side to talk to that friend that’s having a bad day. Peter didn’t know the great outcome of traveling to Caesarea. Neither do we always know the great that will come out of getting uncomfortable. A moment of being uncomfortable for you could lead to life change for someone else.

• Is your comfort more important than helping someone else? Write down a time when you pushed aside your comfort for someone else.

• Ask Jesus to give you more opportunities like these, as well as the boldness to take these uncomfortable opportunities when they arise.

Bible Verses: Acts 10

Prayer: Sherry- Haulins friend, Gypsies cousin eho is burying their mother on Thursday, FIA, All the babies that we have been praying for be healed, thise effected by the tornados,

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