Paula Deen’s Birthday Bash
September 28, 2018
Circle of Swoleness
September 28, 2018

Triple Q Backblast

  • When: 09/25/2018
  • Q: Dora, Zoom Zoom, Shadow
  • Pax: Jersey, POTUS, Bones, FNG Sabrina

We had THREE Q’s on Tuesday! These 3 PAX wanted to tryout Qing, so worked together to lead us! Thank you!


walk around track or jog around once
floor stretches on back rotating hips
5 lunges on each leg
10 hip extensions
5 hip rotations
50 jumping Jax
10 high leg swings
10 side leg swings (each leg does 10)
20 push ups

30 sec rest between each set

Interval 1 x1 (30 sec each)
Butt Kickers
Boxer shuffle and a punch

Interval 2×2 (30 sec each)
Quick feet
In and out or hop scotch

Interval 2×2 (1 min each)
Knees and toe touches
Side to side
Prayer lunge or skaters

Ab Blaster:
2 sets of each exercise for 40 seconds:
bicycle crunches
flutter kicks
Russian twists

Cool down: holding each pose for 20 seconds
Ab stretch
Child’s pose
cat back stretch
hamstring stretch
lower back stretch
hip stretch
neck stretch
biceps stretch
standing forward bend

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