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April 19, 2018
Jive 35 PreBday Fun
April 19, 2018

TriPAXta with a duo

  • When: 04/18/2018
  • Q: Vino, Shebow
  • Pax: Premium, Gilligan, Free Falling, Passport, Vino, Shebow, Chicken Leg

We wanted to bring the terrific trio to our home AO that we had shown at The Nest but Mother Trucker fell ill. That left the dynamic duo all alone to pull off TriPAXta. Thank goodness my partner in crime is a rockstar! There was lots of mumblechatter among the Pax which always makes a girl feel good! I love it when time goes quickly and they complain

Here’s what we did…

Warm up
Chumbawumba – Tub Thumpin’
Squat hold with jabs and burpee when “knocked down”

Tri Paxta
Count off by twos.
Pick a cone to start
Complete one round and camel crawl or duck walk to next until all reps complete
We did two rounds and moved to cherry pickers between stations for second round

20 monkey humpers
20 squats
20 tricep dips

20 froggers
20 flutter kicks
20 arms across body with weights

Mother Trucker’s
20 raggedy Anns
20 mountain climbers
20 arm Circles (10 IC back and front)

Circle up for
Pax lay on mat with feet in air and one last goes around pushing feet down – legs stay up until last lady goes.

Stay down for Flip Flop Abs
30 crunches
30 sec plank
30 reach thrus
30 sec plank
30 up toes
30 sec plank
30 heels to heaven
30 sec plank

Family isn’t blood or last name. We are meant to do life together and love each other even on days we struggle to like each other (sometimes even ourselves).

Prayer requests
Closing prayer

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