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August 29, 2016
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August 29, 2016

Tire Flippin Fun at the Creek

  • When: 08/29/2016
  • Q: Skidder
  • Pax: Wonder Woman, Fetch, Fugitive, Enforcer, Traitor, Cruncher, Jellybean, Sarah (Welcome Gavel!), All Around, Amazon, Woody, Wheels, Grits, Skidder

14 PAX gathered together on this beautiful morning to do a tire workout and some hill work. Jellybean brought her sister from Chicago – welcome Gavel! Come back and join us again next time you’re in town!

Warm Up: 10 JJ IC, 10 Squats, 10/10 Arm Circles, 10 Butt Kickers IC, 10 Hugs

Run to baseball field to get the tires – move over to Chapin Baptist Parking Lot

The Thang:

Tire Work – split into 4 teams, each team has a tire to work with

20 Box jumps on the tire

15 Decline Push ups

20 Knee Repeaters (10 each leg)

15 Tricep Dips

20 Squats (booty touches the tire)

Flip the tire down the parking lot. Some could do it by themselves, others had help from their teammates.

Rinse and Repeat – flip the tire back

Put the tires up. Run to the parking lot for a quick sip of water. Head to the hill for hill sprints.

Hill Sprints

Partner up. One partner sprints up the hill, the other partner rests at the bottom. Switch. We did this for about 5 minutes. Run back to parking lot for circle time.



Credit: In Touch Ministries (Dr. Charles Stanley) https://www.intouch.org/read/blog/the-blessings-of-a-flat-tire

When I imagine a good start to a new workweek, I picture coffee and an interesting interview on my favorite radio show for the drive to work, not lying under my car, in dress clothes, trying to change a flat tire in temperatures hovering around ten below zero, even before the wind-chill is factored in.

Little did I know, when I heard that horrible grinding noise of deflated rubber and steel rim against the highway pavement, I would soon look at this as a blessing. After pulling off the highway and climbing underneath my car to begin jacking it up, I suddenly saw feet and heard a voice ask, “Are you okay?” Crawling out from under my vehicle, I saw someone had pulled up in front of me to help. Together, he and I were able to change the tire—before either of us got frostbite.

Thanking him profusely, I got into my car to head to the nearest repair shop. The whole drive I kept thinking about how touched I was by the kindness of this stranger. As he said, “Everybody needs a little help sometimes,” and I certainly had.

I selected the repair shop because, according to my phone, it was the closest. When I stepped inside, the clerk told me they were booked for the day, but he said he would see if they could fit me in sometime. As it just so happened, they ended up having one spot right then, as well as an affordable used tire that was a perfect match for the one that had just blown.

In no time at all I was on my way to work, arriving only an hour later than I had first planned.

All of these things—the flat tire, laying under my car in the cold and snow to jack it up, searching for an unfamiliar repair shop, the unexpected expense of buying a replacement tire—they could have ruined my day. But I found I was surprisingly at peace the whole time, even genuinely happy by the time it was all sorted out.

Why? It is not as if I always react to such misadventures with a calm and joyful spirit. What was different today?

The whole time it seemed as if God were allowing me to see the small measures of His grace that hold me up during inevitable misfortunes. Yes, I had a flat on the highway, but I didn’t lose control of the car and was able to exit safely. Yes, I had to change a flat in -10-degree weather, but I had a stranger’s generosity to help me through. Yes, I had to buy a tire, but the store clerk was fair and helpful, and had exactly what I needed.

So yes, I could have arrived at the office angry and disgruntled, frustrated that nothing was going right on this Monday morning. But I would also be missing the fact that God was at work even in the midst of all that chaos..

If we only had eyes to see, far more often than we realize, our days are filled with grace. It can be easy to miss, but when God gives us a glimpse, it is incredible to see all the little ways He cares for us—right down to a helping hand when you’re lying under a car, covered in snow, trying to fix a flat.

Prayer Requests: Jellybeans father, Java’s daughter



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