June 6, 2018
Wet Hands… Change Of Plans
June 6, 2018

Timehop to the Rescue

  • When: 06/06/2018
  • Q: Comet/Gator
  • Pax: Comet, Gator, Robot, Mosey, Chronicles, FNG Brittany (PT), Tech (for an appearance after our run)

The threat of Colonel’s PT test scared a few people away this morning so when she couldn’t make it, the group decided to go with Plan B – a workout that showed up in both Comet & Gator’s Timehop this week (which quite likely means we saved it from one of you lovely ladies this time last year).

Warm up while chatting: jump ropes, butt kickers, jacks, windmills, cotton pickers, arm circles, torso twists. Run parking lot loop.

The Thang:

Completed pictured workout twice through with a parking lot loop after each. Finished up with som Round Robin abs:

Flutter kicks x 20 CAD
Star Sit-ups x 20 (+10 more “Anna-style”)
Russian Twists x 20
1 Minute Plank

Thanks to FNG PT for joining us!!

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  1. PT says:

    Thanks for making me feel welcomed. It was fun?! I am already sore, but I’ll be back!

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