* + 10 for the Win!
June 7, 2018
Friday Fun!
June 8, 2018

  • When: 06/08/2018
  • Q: Iron chef
  • Pax: Jitters, chompers, FNG-chalupa, FNG-hedgehog, racket, el chapo, Belle, a-Aron, Chevy, roach, regulator, peepers, iron chef, costanza


It was an all songs workout for us 14 Pax that made it out this morning. 2 being FNGS- yay! Lots of fun and lots of sweat. Holy humidity.. here’s what went down:


10,IC forward arm circles

10,IC backward arm circles


The thang:

Till ya Legs Hurt – 99 percent 3:14
Squats throughout the song
Side Lunges to the left/right/chorus
Jumping Jacks to Legs Hurt

Hey ya – Outkast – 3:55
Russian Twists throughout the song
Big Girl Situp to Hey Ya

No – Megan Trainor 3:34
Donkey Kicks (change legs after chorus)
Pushups throughout chorus when she says “no”

Womanizer – Britney Spears – 3:43
Imperial Walkers Throughout the song
Squats to Womanizer chorus

>Jog to breezeway<

Double Dip – 99 percent -2:40
Incline pushups on high wall
Triceps dips during double dip chorus

Happy – Pharrell Williams -3:53
Step-ups on high wall throughout song
Mountain Climbers during “happy” chorus

Thunderstruck – AC/DC- 5:00
Wall sit throughout song
Squat jump on “thunder/thunderstruck”

>Jog back to parking lot/warm up area<

Finesse – Bruno Mars – 3:30
Glute Bridges throughout song
Hello Dolly’s during “Finesse” chorus

Circled up, name-o-ramo


How we treat ourselves is often how we treat others. For example, if you receive God’s mercy, then you will be able to give mercy to others, but if you are demanding and never satisfied with yourself, you will be the same way with others.

We need to learn to be good to ourselves and yet not be self-centered. You should respect and value yourself; you should know what you are good at and what you are not good at and realize God’s strength is perfected in your weaknesses. We stress over our faults and yet everyone has them. If you had no faults, you would not need Jesus, and that is never going to happen!

Prayer Starter: Father, help me to have realistic expectations of myself and others, knowing we all have weaknesses and need Your daily support. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


prayer led by Racket  🙏🏻

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