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February 28, 2018
Touring the Hill
February 28, 2018

Thunder and Lightning!

  • When: 02/25/2018
  • Q: Sangria
  • Pax: Gi Jane, Mona Lisa, Tenderheart, Msafiri, and Passport

Image result for pictures of thunder and lightning


We played in the rain with the lightning and the thunder today.

Warm up

The Thang:

100 squats, 90 sit ups, 80 jumping jacks, 70 high knees, 60 side crunches (30 each side), 50 Mtn climbers, 40 curtsy lunges each side, 30 pretzel arms, 20 fire hydrants each side, 10 supermans with 10 burpees, mtn climbers or a 20 sec plank between each exercise.

Ring around the Rosies with dealers choice of 10 of any exercise including decline pushups, unbelievaburpees, calf raises, and 3 other exericses.

Finished with a lap around the baby loop of Riveter Station

COT: 1 Timothy 4:8



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