May 30, 2018
Jerribou Backblast – End of an Era?
May 30, 2018

Thriller Beatdown

  • When: 05/26/2018
  • Q: Titanium
  • Pax: Spunky, BB, Hermione, Grey Towers, Helen of Troy (HOT), Higher Calling, Flipper, Iglesias, Jersey Girl

It was a Michael Jackson kind of morning!  We rocked through a 4 Corners beatdown with a Thriller dance party!  As much as you can dance lunging, squatting, and low-walking with weights…

The Thang:

All the music was Michael Jackson but whenever we heard the door creak open for the start of Thriller, we grabbed our weights and headed to the middle.  Our “dance” was:

  • Instrumental – Walking Lunge staying low to the ground swinging weights front and back (Jersey Girl had the zombie motions down pat!)
  • Verses – 4 lunges (8 counts) F / B / R / L / F / B with weights up (HOT helped me get back on track when I miscounted!)
  • Thriller/chorus – 2 step R / L / R / L pushing weights up to each corner (Thriller move), 1 step R / L / R / L pushing weights up
  • Vincent – Run to plank

We have documented proof that Grey Towers and Spunky have some killer moves!

FOUR CORNERS: (20 each except ab corner with 30 each)

  1. Merkins
  2. Kettlebell Swings
  3. Carolina Dry Docks (Hermione demonstrated excellent technique)


  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Rock-a-bye Baby (Higher Calling could have kept going and going and going on these!)
  3. Side Plank Walks


  1. LBCs (Flipper crushed these!)
  2. Box Cutters
  3. Glute Bridge Lift


  1. Shrek Donkey Kicks
  2. Butt Kicks  (BB kicked butt on these!)
  3. Curtsey Lunges

Iglesias quickly powered through every set – and then found out that we were repeating them! 😉 We ended with a Carousel for abs and then a stretch.


Named our FNGs Grey Towers and Flipper (from Greenville, SC) – welcome!! Reminder that we hear God talking with us through the Bible – conversation example: James 1:2 + Phil. 4:13 + Psalm 17:6.  Ended with prayer requests and prayer.

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