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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2018

The X-EL Mosey times 2

  • When: 06/01/2018
  • Q: Chowda
  • Pax: 5/31-Grasshopper, Dory, Runner Girl, Zia 6/1- OG, Goofy Foot, Pickleback, Pinky, Ocra, Star, FNG Glori (Squeegee), Swiss Miss, Caddy

The benefit of signing up to Q at different AO’s is you can redo your workouts back to back. That’s exactly what I did, closing thought and all! This workout, titled The X-EL Mosey, was performed at Southside on Thursday, May 31st and The Hub on Friday, June 1st. Here’s what went down:

Warm Up

  • 10 Star Jumps
  • 10 Boot Strappers
  • 10 Plank Punches

And! We’re off on a mosey with pit stops along the way to complete EX-L’s which are 11’s with a run in between each individual set (so 1 curtsy lunge run 10 bobby hurley’s run or 1 CDD run up/down stairs 10 dips run up/down stairs, rinse and repeat )

First stop:

Southside -The Valley

  • 11’s Curtsy Lunges (1,2=1 count)/Bobby Hurley’s – Valley was a pond, so we ran the entire length of the Valley instead.

The Hub -Goose Poop Island

  • 11’s – Decline Carolina Dry Dock (feet on the wall)/Dips – Run up/down the stairs.

Second Stop:

Southside – The Chapel Benches

  • 11’s – Decline Carolina Dry Docks (feet on bench)/Dips – Run down the path to the edge of sidewalk and back.

The Hub – The Basketball Court

  • 11’s – Curtsy Lunges/Bobby Hurley’s – Run one length of the court.

Third Stop:

Southside – The Basketball Court

  • 11’s – Plank Swivel Dips (1,2=1)/Plank Toe Taps (1,2=1) – Run one length of the court. We were running short on time so we ended with two more sets to finish and moseyed back to the (ghost) flag.

The Hub – Picnic Pavillion

  • We ran short on time, so together we counted out three sets of the plank 11’s w/o a run. Then did some Mary – 20 crunches and 20 heels to heaven.

At Southside, we did Hillbillies while waiting for everyone to catch up and then did 10 Hillbillies together before moving on. At The Hub, we did Hillbillies or Plank Punches while waiting.

COT: “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence.”

Holy moly! These ladies do not mess around! Both groups pushed themselves and never took a break. It was hot and humid, but they still didn’t stop or complain. On both days we reached nearly 3 miles and burned almost 400 calories – in a 45 minute workout!

Props to Pickleback for naming this style of 11’s – X-EL’s.

Green Thumb, yes, yes, I messed up the name of your push ups last Monday. If Pickleback was there, she would have told you to ignore me. Just ignore me next time.

The Flags have been at Portside having a grand old time.

To the Southsiders:

Thanks for pushing me and keeping me moving (fast!). This group may be small, but you are one mighty team. Dory and Zia, I’ll bring the abacus next time.

To the Hubsters:

Congrats to Swiss Miss on being awarded the May Super Star!

Pickleback and OG – thanks for counting the last plank 11’s.

Ocra – thank you for making sure everyone knew the way.

Caddy – way to know your body and do what’s right for YOU!

Star – I hope you sweated out all those toxins.

Pinky – Thanks for calling Star and I out on our form during the Bobby Hurley’s and way to keep count on those Curtsy’s.

Welcome Squeegee! So glad you found us (and we were running on the stairs and you still decided to join us!).

Goofy Foot – How many calories did you burn today – 5000? Running machine.

As always, thanks for letting me lead.







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