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September 15, 2018
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September 16, 2018

The Valley Back-blast

  • When: 09/12/2018
  • Q: Chill Pill
  • Pax: Flush, Loralei, Martha, Soccer Mama, Pewee, Mama Bear, Thriller, & Wipeout

Warm up: 1 lap

The Thang:

Thank you to South Carolina for the “Flip-a-Coin Wednesday” idea. The Pax circled up and took turns flipping a coin. Depending on heads or tails, the entire group did the following x 2 rounds:

Heads:                                Tails:

15 jumping jacks              25 calf raises

20 high knees                   25 jumping jacks

20 jumping jacks             25 oblique crunches

30 plank jacks                  5 burpees

35 little baby crunches   10 push ups

50 little baby crunches   25 high knees

60 high knees                   30 jumping jacks

50 crunches                       25 side to side crunches

30 mountain climbers     5 burpees

Third time around: Dealer’s choice!

The Pax wrapped it up with a game of “Duck-Duck-Goose” Abs. The Pax completed ab exercise called out by the Q while 1-2 members did an animal walk of choice around the circle until tagging next person.

COT: Prayers for victims of the Cincinnati shooting … Big love from the Valley! We are thinking of you ❤️

Keep up the great work!

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