Cardio Kickboxing Blast at The Bridge
August 28, 2016
Peace Train Pre-Blast – Back-to-School
August 28, 2016

Test Your Endurance!

  • When: 08/27/2016
  • Q: Shake N Bake
  • Pax: Clippers, Steeler, Keys, Lassie, Pusher, Amanda (Cracker Jack), Shake N Bake

We completed our first APFT this morning!

Warm Up:

15 JJ IC

15 Skiers IC

10 Butt Kickers IC


The Thang:

APFT: 2 mins of push-ups, 2 mins of sit-ups, and 2 mile run.

Stations were planned for ladies that finished early, but we were DONE after the two mile run! 😓


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