Upper Body at The Sails
May 17, 2018
Muscle Burnout
May 17, 2018

  • When: 05/14/2018
  • Q: Peaches
  • Pax: Passport, GI Jane, Soto, Diego, Mona Lisa, Techie, Geronimo, FNG Vanessa (Violette), FNG Becca (Dr. Cricut)

TEN PAX came out on a beautiful 65 degree, sunny AM to partner up for a Dora-Style workout. We hadn’t done a Dora in awhile, but it’s one of my favorites because it really embodies our motto that we’re “Better Together.” I’ll admit, I was not at my best after 2 nights of sleep deprivation and feeling a bit ill. I half-way considered “fart-sacking”……… but that certainly would have been an irony for a planned Dora.

So, the PAX  (including 2 sweet FNGs) got a delirious, not-so-delightful, version of Peaches (for which I am truly sorry). But #bettertogether, FiA is one place I feel like I can have an “off” day and my sisters still love me and put up with me anyway. #alltheFiAfriendlies



Warm-Up (IC)

arm circles backwards

arm circles forwards


(we may have done something else as well, but honestly, I just don’t remember)

jog to the field



Grab a partner. Partner 1 is doing the scheduled exercise while Partner 2 is running down the field (to the third lamp post on the left) and back. Partner 2 then picks up at the number Partner 1 got to with the exercise and Partner 1 runs down the field and back.


50 Burpees


100 hydraulics (plank: elbows down, then back up)


200 flutter kicks


300 squats (90 degrees: the standard is the standard!)


400 mountain climbers


Welcome to Violette, another talented international addition to our group with a super-cool accent! Welcome to Dr Cricut, an identical twin currently in medical school, who also happened to help design and produce our awesome regional shovel flag (see featured photo)!


COT: “You teach a little by what you say. You teach most by what you are.” — Henrietta Mears 

Wife to F3 Honcho. Boy mom to twins + 1, and girl mom x 1 through adoption. NOT a morning person, but my FiA sisters are worth it. I hit up Riveter's Station every Monday and Wednesday AM before I conquer the world of rheumatology. Give me all the grace, coffee, and TN Volunteer football!

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