Metro Monday Workouts: 2 Convergence Opportunities at AG Middle
January 15, 2017
PB: Schoolhouse Rocks:To your stations!
January 15, 2017

Team Tabata Bootcamp

  • When: 01/11/2017
  • Q: Hightower
  • Pax: Instigator, Quad, Bunny, Freestyle, Spinner, Rodeo, Turbo, Aqua Girl

Warm up

Split into 2 teams; one team does 20 yard sprint while the other team does one of the exercises below .  They keeping doing the exercise until the last person from the sprinting team returns then they switch until each team has done all exercises below:

1. Figure 4 tricep dips

2. Pulse squats with straight arms

3. – Dead man push ups

4. Burpees

5. Full sit ups

1 minute drills

Complete the set of 2 exercises for 1 minute each then a max set in between each.

Max set:

10 Plank Walkups

20 Plank touchdowns

10 squats

Exercise sets

a. – Team walking planks

b. Prisoner jumping lunges

Max set

a. Kneeling stand ups

b. Team single line sit ups with interlocking arms

Max set

a. High knee runs

b. Partner bear crawls with resistance bands

Max set

Cool down

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