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March 10, 2018
Sandpup Saturday
March 10, 2018

Team Fuschia

  • When: 03/10/2018
  • Q: N’sync
  • Pax: N’sync, Roots, Peach, DIY, Lumos

How did we not get a picture today? I’m sure we looked tough in our unplanned matching outfits. I bet the soccer players with embroidered bags were wondering what professional team we were associated with…..or maybe not. But we were looking good!

Thanks for making a cold, Saturday morning workout fun! So thankful for you girls!


To give credit where it is due, I’ll indicate exercises we’ve gleaned from our 70-year-old friend with an *.

Warm up: jog, slide n glide, cherry pickers, arm press with imaginary weight*, arm sweeps*


Hill escalator: 5 hills (win-sprint style)

in-between: add one exercise each hill

Graduated sumo squat with glute raise*

Reverse Graduated sumo squat*

Overhead reaches with 2-arm raise*

Tricep dips

Push ups


Core work:



butterfly with resistance*

Lower back walk around stretch*

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