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January 5, 2018
Popsicles With Weights
January 5, 2018

Tapped Out Tuesday kicks off 20-18!

  • When: 01/02/2018
  • Q: APR
  • Pax: APR, Happy Trails, Gypsy, Scribe, The Defender, Shredder, SmacNally, Peg Leg, Blue Angel

It was a very cold morning, to say the least, however these ladies made it happen.  I have to admit, I was scared!  The temperature was 14 degrees and the wind chill was around 6 degrees.  With that, I’m not sure if we should be considered dedicated or just plain crazy!!  What I do know is that the layering worked, it wasn’t as bad as I expected and we are definitely stronger and better together!

Warm up:

20 butt kickers

20 high knees

The Thang:

20-18 was our theme to ring in the New Year.  To keep moving and stay warm, we ran the track and stopped at each quarter of the track and alternated exercises with reps of 20 and 18.  By the end, we ran 1.5 miles.

Round 1 around the track:

  • Run, 20 Jumping Jacks
  • Run, 18 jump squats
  • Run, 20 jump lunges
  • Run, 18 speed skaters

Round 2 around the track:

  • Run, 20 mountain climbers (1/1)
  • Run, 18 plank jacks
  • Run, 20 shoulder taps (1/1)
  • Run, 18 spiderman climbers

Repeated Round 1 again


10 Burpees

20 pushups

30 tricep dips

Ended with name-o-rama and read an inspirational quote to kick off the New Year!  Thank you ladies for being there and holding me accountable!!  I would have never braved temps like that without YOU!!




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