Winston Salem

May 24, 2018

Climbing Club Park … Better Together!

8 ladies met at a new location today at Shaffner Park to do some hill repeats in the humidity.  Warm “up” mile, literally … started right […]
April 26, 2018

Beautiful spot for sweating in honor of Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day we worked out all around one of my favorite spots of earth in Winston Salem- the grounds of the Reynolda House. We […]
July 8, 2017

Sweaty Saturday

So it was a hot one today. 80 degrees by 8am. 60% humidity (even though it felt like 100%!) Today’s workout was pretty straightforward. 32 minutes […]
June 10, 2017

New Adventures | WS Backblast

So, today was my last time to Q a Saturday workout before our move to Minnesota, and I thought it appropriate to embark on a new […]
January 15, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

So glad to have some ladies join me on Friday at Leinbach Park. The little bit of rain eventually stopped and I think some sun even […]
December 21, 2016

FiA Christmas Trees – Backblast

It was a cold night on a rough week be 2 friends joined me for our 8pm workout at Hanes Park. Thanks Closer & Stacks! WARM […]
December 17, 2016

The 12 Days of Fitness

We had a chilly morning but 10 of us did our best to stay moving and warm. We started out with a little jog up to […]
November 17, 2016

Downtown Sprints | Backblast

It was a great morning to hit the streets of downtown before the city really woke up. Thanks for joining me ladies! WARMUP Jumping Jacks – […]
November 10, 2016

The Never Ending Days of This Election | BB of Night Owl

  So, it was Election night, and I totally expected no one to show up. However 3 friends came, and we did a fun take on […]
August 11, 2016

Hill Training

In honor of the ladies doing the BRR and in celebration of us NOT, we did a hill training session early this morning to acknowledge it’s […]
July 13, 2016

Night Owl – Heat & Humidity | BB

I think more than anything, the heat and humidity had the strongest presence last night, but nonetheless 6 FiAs joined me to workout. Here’s how it went […]
July 8, 2016


Hey ladies, Tomorrow (Saturday, July 9th) we’ll be meeting in our usual location at the parking lot at Hanes Park by the tennis courts. We’ll go […]