March 25, 2018

Cougar Town Relays

We FINALLY have a morning of no rain…BUT it will be in the 30s. Insert crying face here. I am so over this cold weather I […]
December 18, 2017

Fall Weather for 12 Days of Fitmas

Where: Union Depot (home of the spuds!) The workout began as usual on a dark December morning but unusually, the temperatures were in the low 50s. However, that […]
May 29, 2017

Modified Murph

What an absolutely gorgeous morning!  19 PAX pulled together to honor our fallen heroes with a Modified Murph.  Super strong work this morning ladies!  I am […]
January 19, 2017

Triple X

To celebrate my 35th Birthday we had a Triple Chocolate Cake Tuesday! so you know we have to work off those extra calories. Warm up: 5 head circles/each […]