Cougar Town

February 27, 2019

Cougar Town Backblast: End of my Q Blitz

Before 2019 I’d never even been to Cougar Town and now here I am Q-ing. I’d say that I’ve whole-heartedly accepted the S. CLT challenge. Eleven […]
February 24, 2019

Cougar Town PB: Are you tired of me yet?

Seems appropriate that I finish out my Q blitz at Cougar Town… the last South Charlotte site that I posted at. This New Year’s challenge brought […]
November 12, 2018

Cougar Town Backblast 11.12

7 fia’s attended this mornings work out at Endhaven, here is what we did.. thanks for the partner modification and the laughs girls;) Warm up: 20 […]
October 28, 2018

Cougar Town Pre-blast 10/30

You don’t need anything other than a mat..but here is a preview of the last couple minutes!
October 23, 2018


7 lovely ladies showed up to workout with me under a beautiful FULL MOON! And the hills were ALIVE! Happy Birthday to Goldie!  Hope you had a great […]
October 21, 2018

Cougar Town – Pre Blast!

Hey there friends! I’ve got your Q for tomorrow’s workout! You’ll need a mat and 5-10lb weights. The forecast says it’ll be 40 degrees. Brrrr! Which […]
October 1, 2018

cougar town back blast 10.1.18

There were 9 Fia’s this am at Cougar town and here is what we did:)  Thanks for comin out ladies! Warm up: 20 arm circles front […]
September 30, 2018

Cougar town preblast 10.1.18

Hey ladies come out and join me tomorrow at cougar town for a morning of 11’s. Bring a mat if you’d like and your gloves- nothing […]
September 3, 2018


8 beautiful faces showed up on this lovely Labor Day Monday to get our sweat on for a solid 60 minutes!  A big thanks to Pulse […]
July 23, 2018


7 beautiful faces joined me this morning for Monday morning beat down!  We traveled to a new spot over by the Hampton Inn hotel.  There is […]
July 22, 2018


Hey ladies – I’ve got your Q for tomorrow. You won’t need any equipment unless you’d like to bring yourself a mat. We’ll be traveling a […]
July 16, 2018

CougarTown Backblast–Elsa’s “Sweet 16” Beatdown!

Ten lovely FiAs joined me this humid morning for an old fashion Elsa BEATDOWN!  From start to finished I pushed this crew to the fullest and […]