#BetterTogether #ENC

May 3, 2019

It’s OK, I Hate Everything Else

Warm Up: 10 JJ Arm Circles Butt Kicks High Knees 2 Laps around the Track   The Thang: Tabata Rounds: 1 minute AMRAP, 20 seconds rest […]
March 23, 2019

1 Mississippi… 2 Mississippi… 3 Mississippi

On a quiet morning we warmed things up with some windmills, high knees, butt kickers and jumping jacks! We moved into our first element with was […]
February 9, 2019

It’s ok, I have had a lot of pre-workout

Due to the spontaneous sleet storm we had we made out way over to the shelter. The workout began with a warm up then got into […]
February 8, 2019

Sweatin’ in February!

Warm up: 10 JJ in cadence Arm Circles front & back High Knees Butt Kicks   The Thing: 5 minute run 20 Reps -Jack-knife Sit-ups -Defenders […]
February 7, 2019

Working for the Six Pack and Tank Top Arms

60 degree temps felt amazing this morning. So thankful for the 13 PAX that came out to start their day with FiA. Welcome FNG Rachel (Scissor […]
February 6, 2019

Many mini

Warmup All 15 IC RAISE THE ROOF JACKS ttt Arm circles forward then back The thang 10 push-ups 20 skaters 30 squats 20 mtn climbers 10 […]
January 22, 2019

Oh the 99’s!

13 PAX strong at #TOT on this mid 20 degree morning. Wow! These ladies SHOWED UP this morning all layered up and ready to work. And […]
January 5, 2019

Pull it out, stick it in

BetterTogether! I thank all the ladies who not only showed up bright and early but also knocked out a stellar workout with some good old wind […]
December 21, 2018

Captain Thor!

13 PAX came out bright and early to The Den on Tuesday morning! We started with a short Indian Run and a few stretches and then […]
December 14, 2018

Yeah, I’m Totally Making This Up

Between a schedule mix-up and a sudden cold, this was a tough one for me. Many thanks to to the Pax for putting up with me, […]
November 26, 2018

Deck of Death

3 PAX strong this morning at #TheFarm to take on the deck of death workout. Thanks for hanging with me at the clubhouse as an awesome […]
November 18, 2018

Ginuwine fine time

Although it was a struggle I made it BPL. Due to a tough week I really needed a pick me up and let me tell you […]