January 7, 2019

19’s and 4 Corners in 2019!!

  17 PAX showed up to work on the 1st Saturday of 2019 and brought the SUNSHINE with them!!  There has been so much rain this […]
October 20, 2018

Happy Birthday to me!!

Warm up : 27 jumping jacks , 27 toy soldiers, 27 arm circles  Workout:  11s- run over Push up with shoulder taps/ jump squats  Partner exercise […]
October 13, 2018

My Flexible Pants

Superwoman Saturday Fall has set in here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. There was a nip in the air and clouds in the sky… a bit of […]
October 1, 2018

Roanoke Launch Day 2: A Flight Path in the Mountains

Howdy ladies, it’s great to be back. This Saturday, Hampton Roads had the pleasure to help re-launch another VA region, this time in the mountains! 2 […]
September 28, 2018

Paula Deen’s Birthday Bash

Today we are celebrating Paula Deen’s 40th Birthday so all the exercises add up to 30. Some exercises will be 40 seconds long and others will […]
September 25, 2018

7s, rounds, and abs

6 Pax Joined me for my first Q at #The Station in #Greer for a cooler morning (70 degrees) but we had no problem getting our […]
September 23, 2018

Up and Down; Round and Round

Eight Pax joined me for a Flex Friday – Weighted Workout at Legacy.  Temps were cooler 74 instead of 78 but that didn’t stop us from […]
September 21, 2018

Tabata Guinea Pigs

Boy Howdy! I was super happy to see all the smiling faces of my fellow FiAs this morning and then I told them that they were […]
September 21, 2018

Q Substitution

Wow! What a way to great way to start my week, spending an hour with some awesome FiAs! I love that the weather is trying to […]
September 12, 2018

Jayhawk style Monopoly

12 PAX showed up ready to play “Jayhawk Monopoly” at The Nest on Monday. Quick warm up – lap, squats, jumping jacks, arm circles, bear hugs […]
August 2, 2018

Oh my “thighs”!

Cloudy 73degree wet ground @ the LHS track….  Disclamer given, no FNG’s WARMUP: 1)Stretch arms & Legs 2) under the fence move 3) scissor jacks 4) […]
July 29, 2018

Procrastinator…not me: A backblast

So, is this a backblast for Saturday or a pre-blast for Monday?  Life, y’all. If you missed the party Saturday, you missed out.  It was fun….real […]