Inspired by Murph
May 27, 2018
Double BOT weekend
May 27, 2018

Sweating it up Saturday

  • When: 05/26/2018
  • Q: Hobbit
  • Pax: Goldfish, Zinc, Hotwheels, Half Pint, Bad Wolf, Volunteer, Clutch

Whew! I promised that I would not complain about the heat after those super cold January workouts but I have already broken that vow.  I am so thankful that I have my FiA girls to push me to workout even when the temperature isnt ideal and I am looking for excuses not to workout.

WARM UP: 10 each

Tin Shoulders


Imperial Walkers

Arm Circles


Part 1 Abs and Arms

10 push ups

10 supermans

10 squat to shoulder press

15 tri-cep dips or extensions

20 bicycle crunches

50 mountain climbers

20 inclined sit ups


Part II

80 JJ

40 lunges

5 Burpees

40 squats

5 Burpees

25 step ups

20 leg lifts (each side)

5 Burpees

3 min Wall Sit

Part III 60 secs each 

Dirty Girls

Reverse Crunch

Russian Twist

Star Fish



We wrapped it up with stretching as you need.  I read two different quotes in honor of Memorial Day and Volunteer closed us out with prayer.


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