April 13, 2019
FiA Bible Study
April 13, 2019

Sweat Fest At Surface Zero

  • When: 04/13/2019
  • Q: CityLife
  • Pax: GreenThumb,Twister,SnoozeButton,Jaws,FNGLauren(Nitrous)

Rainy morning at Surface Zero. We headed over to the shelter to get to work.

warm up:

40 punches

40 kicks

40 knee elbow twists

40 butt kickers


Lt. Dans

1 squat 4 walking lunges

2 squats 8 walking lunges

all the way to 10/40

it was determined that I am not a mathematician since I counted to 19 walking lunges on the 3 squats. What’s 7 extra lunges…

100 flutter kicks-hc

10 JJ’s IC

90 skaters

10 JJ”s IC

80 Freddie Mercuries-hc

10 JJ’s IC

70 LBC’s

10 JJ’s IC

60 plank taps-sc

10 JJ’s IC

50 mountain climbers-sc

10 JJ’s IC

40 triceps dips

10 JJ’s IC

30 american hammers-hc

10 JJ’s IC

20 Fire Hydrants-hc

20 JJ’s IC

10 push ups

10 JJ’s IC

Ring of Fire

wall sit while everyone did their ABC’s

plank while everyone counted to 15

snooze button suggested an indian run- ( I think we may make you a runner yet)

indian run to the baseball field 2x around the infield and back to the shelter

40 lateral reaches ( my arms were burning)

60 box jumps

60 supermans


jaws 60 crunches-10 lbc, 10 legs half up, 10 legs all the way up, 10 each side, & 10 freddie mercuries

snooze button 60 ragedy ann

Nitrous- 20 pushups

twister-25 donkey kicks-hc

green thumb-15 star burpees


“I am a WOMAN.

I am a WIFE.

I am a MOTHER.

I am not a 10.

I am not perfect.

I am not a size 0

I have stretch marks.

Sometimes my house is a mess.

Some days I wear pajamas.

I make mistakes.

I stress. I cry. I laugh. I smile.

At the end of the day,

I try to embrace all that I am.

That’s the best feeling in life,

to be content with who you are.

That is true BEAUTY and HAPPINESS.”


Green Thumb & Twister I always enjoy working out with you.

snooze button thanks for bringing Nitrous

Nitrous hope to see you again.

jaws- thanks for making it out after your late night.

Be Kind,

City LIfe


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  1. Great workout @Citylife! My quads are feeling all of those lunges!!!

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