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July 7, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Sweat and Sandbags

  • When: 07/06/2017
  • Q: Vino
  • Pax: Vino, Mother Trucker, HooHa, Six Pack, Cocky, First Mate, Night Owl, Paige - Achieve, Beth - Mouth of the South, Magic Eraser, Cinco, Moshpit, House Guest, Runway

14 women including 2 FNGs (Welcome Mouth of the South & Achieve) met at The Corner after a nice storm. We were welcomed with lower temps and dropped humidity. I’ve been itching to try sandbags, so these lucky ladies got to do a whole workout with them. So lucky, right?! 😉 This is how the evening went…

Warm Up:

10 count IC

Jumping Jacks

Squat Punches

Arm Circles (F&B)

Side Lunges

Now for four fun rounds of sandbag fun

Round 1

  1. 20 squats w/sandbag on shoulders
  2. 15 upright rows holding corner of bags
  3. 10 staggered push ups using sandbag
  4. 5 deadliftsd holding corner of bags

Round 2

  1. 20 deadlifts
  2. 15 staggered push ups
  3. 10 squats
  4. 5 upright rows

Round 3

  1. 20 staggered push ups
  2. 15 deadlifts
  3. 10 upright rows
  4. 5 squats

Round 4

  1. 20 upright rows
  2. 15 squats
  3. 10 deadlifts
  4. 5 staggered push ups (each side)

We then circled up

~stood w/backs to center of circle and passed sandbags around for 3 minutes nonstop

~stood facing inside of circle and hugging sandbag then moved 4 steps to left and a pax called out an exercise like squats and all did 4 squats – we continued doing this going up in increments until 10 doing exercises with sandbags like curls, lunges, raggedy anns, curtsy lunges, tricep extensions

We then partnered up for a minute of each of these exercises

~bag toss between partners ~ toss bag and lunge ~ sit up & hand off

Couldn’t have a workout without some core work so we then did 20 rep of the following

~sandbag on stomach for hip raises

~sandbag on legs for supine sit ups

~sand in hands above head for reverse crunches

Just for fun we also did

20 Raggedy Anns, 20 Hello Dollys & 20 Plank Jacks

Then we all loaded the bags back into the car


Devo on Generosity – We are better together when we give – as a group we do monthly projects and this reminds us how we share God’s love when we give.


Announcements: Social on 7/17 at Red Pepper and SPCA donations — The Bluff will launch on Monday 7/10


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