Jerribou BB – Visiting our old friend Arbor Way
October 3, 2018
Cardio/Yoga Recharge @ YBR
October 3, 2018

“Surprise, You’re the Q”

  • When: 10/03/2018
  • Q: CWR
  • Pax: Rally Cat, Streaker, Lighthouse, Cabbie, O'Shay, Andredy, FNG Chantel (Spartacus)

Yes…I was told upon arrival that I was today’s Q…nominated while I was sleeping. Thanks Facebook 🙂

I was happy to lead 6 FiAs and an FNG around town.

Here’s what I made up on the spot.

Warm Up
Tin Soldiers IC
Cherry Pickers IC
Open and Close The Gate

Run to Unity and partner up.
P1 runs loop while P2 completes triceps dips. Switch
P1 runs loop while P2 crab walks. Switch

Run to staircase at First baptist.
P1 runs stairs 5 times…changed to 3 while P2 completes Xs and Os. Switch
P1 tuns stairs 3 times while P2 completes boat/canoe. Switch

Run to Mill Stone for side planks. 30s on each side.

Run back to WEP. 3 miles according to my Garmin. GREAT job, ladies.

Welcome FNG Chantel aka Spartacus.

I had a much better day today and I swear it was because I started my day with you guys! XOXO

Prayers for Peloton and her family.
Good luck to our Ragnar runners this weekend!


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