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June 7, 2018
Genesis Backblast: Flip & Roll!
June 7, 2018

Summer Q

  • When: 06/05/2018
  • Q: Battle
  • Pax: Battle, Cheetah, Kapowski, Swiss Miss, Beamer, Gator, Ricco, Motley, Chugg, Captain, Lobster, Ledge, Monsta, Jennay, Journey, Grainy, Upstate, Dixie, Taxi, Bell, Gilligan, and Bob Ross, Ariel

6-5-2018 Summer Themed Q  Woohoo 22 Pax strong!!! 

Paper Rock Scissors

Pax will pair up with each other

Pax will need to win at least 5 rounds before moving on to the workout

Pax will squat 3 times (one, two, three, shoot) before showing their choice

Losers of each battle will have to do 15 jumping jacks, winners will find another pax to “battle”

Once Pax get 5 points (win 5 battles) , they will do froggers until group is done or we run out of players


Next warm up:

PAX will be split into two teams

When the game starts, the last player in the row will get up and race around to the front and then re-assume plank position and yell “go”. Then whoever is now in the last spot does the same, and so on. Continue “racing” until one of the teams has gone a predetermined distance and all team members are past the goal cone and planking. As the coach, it is your job to make sure teammates stay within arms reach of each other, and that the player at the end waits to get up until the runner is in plank and yells “go”.


Warm up will end when the first PAX will return to their original position


Round 1: 8 minutes, repeat exercises until 8 minutes is up! 

4 Burpees

20 reverse lunges

10 Good Mornings

20 LBC

10 glute bridges


Round 2:8 minutes, repeat exercises until 8 minutes is up! 

30 mountain climbers

20 squats

10 raise the roof hallelujahs

20 bicycles

20 Donkey kicks


Round 3 :8 minutes, repeat exercises until 8 minutes is up! 

30 jumping jacks

30 kick lunges

30 hill billies

20 v ups

Lap around the parking lot


Final Exercise: PPUPs party! Plank Push Up party! Song: All about that Bass

Instructions: During verses, Pax hold plank, When pax hear the word “Bass” they do a push up!


As the school year comes to a close, just sending love to our educators because the finish line is in sight! Thankful for this group that gets me up in the morning!!

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